Mods For Offset Smokers

Tuning Plates

    • Adding tuning plates (as shown above) to your off-set direct smoker evens out temperatures across
      the cooking surface with options for better heat management.
    • Typically made of 1/4″ steel plates that are 6″ wide and 14-15″ long, the two top plates are a half inch longer than those below.
    • Visit Portable BBQ Smoker Tuning Plates or BBQ Smoker Mods for more examples.

Extended Exhaust Stack

Extending the exhaust stack closer to the cooking surface removes cold spots normally found below or
next to the exit.

Charcoal Basket

High Heat Instant Gasket

Using Instant Gasket during assembly or to reduce leaks afterward will help seal the smoker and allow for better smoke and heat containment.

Using Lava Lock around the doors also helps seal in smoke and heat.

Adding a gate latch to the door of a smoker will also pull the door tight.

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