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BBQ versus Grilling

Visit Best Barbecue Side Dishes for side dish suggestions.


      • Long, Low, and Slow.
      • Wood used to produce smoke.
      • Food soaks up smoke and rub flavors.
      • Food is typically very tender and moist (unless your making jerky).
      • Meats: ribs, pork shoulders, briskets, poultry, seafood, etc.
      • Vegetables: onions, squash, peppers, etc.
      • Visit the Barbecue Party Guide for BBQ recipies and more.


      • Far more common than smoking amongst the general public.
      • Hot and fast on a grill.
      • Examples: Burgers, chicken and seafood.
      • Vegetables and fruit can also be grilled
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Barbecue versus Cookout

      • BBQ is usually defined by geographic regions.
      • BBQ may not mean the same style cookout to others as it does to you when you are having a cookout or attending one.
      • BBQ can mean cookout-hot dogs and burgers with sides of chips, coleslaw and others.
      • BBQ usually means juicy ribs, pulled pork sandwiches with sides of coleslaw, pickles, corn and others.
      • Cookout typically means what BBQ is for you and your family, friends and region.
      • Cookout tip: give some details of cooking style and food when sending invitations or ask when sending RSVPs to set expectations accordingly.

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